Will the Real Person Please Stand Up?
by Gail Porter

Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? offers much-needed hope to those who long to be set free from the fear of rejection and become their authentic selves. In this life-changing book you will read Gail’s own experiences, stories of real people, and input from those in the medical field. Gail walks you through the process of identifying and acknowledging what holds you captive so you can live in freedom rather than in fear.

Who might benefit from this book?

This non-fiction book is suitable for all ages and seasons, from teen-agers to seniors.

Please tell us a little more about the book.

This book presents the symptoms of the fear of rejection, its impact on our lives, and the victory that can result when we allow God to bring us out of hiding and set us on His path of freedom. Reflection questions are included at the end of each chapter, and readers can use the three-part journal at the back of the book to record their discoveries.

A reviewer commented that “Gail teaches her readers how to embrace the present without encumbrances of the past. With practical, action-based steps, we learn to climb mountains with new determination and anticipate our futures with joy.” Jeanne LeMay, author of Dear God I’m Desperate: Women Have Issues, God Has Answers

Why did you write it and what do you hope to have your readers take away?

I wrote this book out of my passion that readers realize they don’t have to live the rest of their lives as victims of the fear of rejection. With God’s help, they can walk out of their self-made prisons, break strongholds, and taste the freedom that will allow them to become who God made them to be. On their new path of freedom, they will be able to stand up and say, “This is the real me.”



An Invitation to a Journey Toward Freedom

I didn’t want to delve below the surface. I was afraid of what I’d find.

Living a superficial life seemed easier. Driven by a need for love and acceptance, I stayed in hiding and presented myself as the person I thought everyone wanted me to be. In my mind, that way of life provided the best protection against my greatest fear: rejection.

The superficial life, however, robbed me of the joy of living a life of freedom. God wanted to set me free to be the person He created me to be.

Deep-sea diving is challenging, and many of us fear it because it takes us below the surface of safety. There, danger can arise when sharks, with the capability of killing us or maiming us for life, charge toward us. Likewise, living below the surface of our conscious thoughts can feel as dangerous as scuba diving because the enemy of our souls has the same capability of killing our joy of living.

Below the surface, though, we have the chance to observe the wonder of the sea creatures God created. In those same waters, away from the daily life, we can discover the beauty of God’s creation of us.

Diving into those azure waters can help us uncover our fears. Realizing and acknowledging those fears can lead to the thrill of bursting from the depths into the freedom of the air above.

Are you aware of fears that keep you from experiencing freedom? Have you struggled with the same fear I have: rejection? Has that fear held you back from saying yes to wonderful opportunities and walking through open doors God has placed before you? You knew if you took the risk, your world could be expanded. Yet you said no.

God has plans and dreams for you. In His love, compassion and grace, He will reveal the emotions and fears your experiences have formed. You can ask Him to release you from these emotions and fears. He is more powerful than all of our hurts, wounds, disappointments, and fears. He can overcome everything that hinders you, so you can walk in freedom as the person you were created to be—the real you.


God helped me dive below the surface of my life. Once I uncovered my fear of rejection and released it to God, I could remove my façade and begin trusting His protection.  I want to tell you about who I’ve become—the real me.

You will read about my experiences and the stories from others at various stages in their journey toward freedom. The input from experts, also included, can help you better understand the fear of rejection and learn crucial ways to overcome its power.

Until you know you are under the influence of something or someone, you remain a victim. “Living in Captivity,” the first section of this book, will show you how childhood patterns and experiences may have led you to devise techniques and strategies for the Great Cover-up (my term). This cover-up prevented you from revealing your real self, uniquely and lovingly designed by God.

Once you realize the reasons for your captivity, then what? The second section, “Breaking Strongholds,” presents action steps you can take to break the vicious cycle of isolation. My life began to change when I no longer wanted to exist as the person everyone else wanted me to be.

As you allow God to lead you out of captivity and break strongholds, you can begin “Tasting Freedom.” In this third section, you will learn how to embrace the present without being encumbered by the past. You’ll begin to climb mountains with new determination and less fear, enjoy the view along the way, anticipate the future with joy, and live in freedom.

Psychiatrist Gail Saltz says in her book, Becoming Real: “Being real means experiencing life’s gifts to their fullest. It means being authentic, strong, rooted. It means that along with the pains of loss, we get to experience the joys of closeness, connection and intimacy. When we’re real, we’re no longer like tumbleweeds blown around where the wind blows. We have the strength, stamina, the courage, the power, and the freedom to go where we want to go. Being real means we can tolerate life’s discomforts and ambiguities because we are strong enough to embrace the good and the bad, the black, white and grays of most situations. When we accept this truth, we will become like trees with deep roots—strong and capable and able to weather whatever comes our way. Being real means experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions.”[i]

Where are you on your journey of discovering and acknowledging your fears and living in freedom?

In God’s strength, people who struggle with the fear of rejection can walk out of their self-made prisons and taste the freedom that will allow them to become who God made them to be.

Come on a journey of discovering how to live in freedom and become the real person God intended you to be all along.

i] Gail Saltz, M.D., Becoming Real: Defeating the Stories We Tell Ourselves That Hold Us Back (New York: The Berkley Publishing Group, published by Penguin Group, 2004), 3.

About the Author

Gail Porter is an author and speaker. She spent fifty years serving with Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ in the U.S. as well as in the Philippines. She’s had extensive experience in speaking at women’s conferences in many countries.

Gail co-authored two resources for women: The Significant Woman life-coaching discipleship course and the SOARING life-coaching evangelistic course, designed to help Christian women reach their non-Christian friends. Both book have been translated into multiple languages.

Her first book, Life through Loss: Facing Your Pain, Finding Your Purpose, has touched the lives of many who watched their loved ones suffer and were then left behind. Gail can identify with their sorrow because she endured cascading losses in her own family.

Gail’s current book, Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? Rising above the Fear of Rejection, flowed from her passion to help people learn how to escape captivity and experience freedom to be all God created them to be. She knows from personal experience the devastation that can come from choosing bondage instead of freedom.

Gail lives in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys ballroom dancing and her favorite role of aunt to her nieces and nephews.

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