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Unleash Your God-Given Healing:

 Eight Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer


By Ginny Dent Brant

This book explores nutrition, lifestyle, integrative and conventional medicine, and biblical wisdom in a practical way to assist people in preventing and beating cancer while surviving the journey.

Ginny Brant’s cancer diagnosis sent her on a quest to discover what caused a health nut to contract a deadly and aggressive form of breast cancer. What she found may surprise and inspire you. Whether you’re determined to prevent this deadly disease, survive it, or prevent its recurrence, this book pulls back the curtain on cancer and answers the question “What can I do to help my doctor beat this disease?” She challenges you to change what your doctor has no control over—your lifestyle and health habits.

Brant connects the dots between nutrition, lifestyle, integrative and conventional medicine, and biblical wisdom to reveal how your body was created with self-healing mechanisms that work optimally when you do your part. But you need to get back to the Garden of Eden—the basics in life. By implementing a few lifestyle changes, you can begin building your immune system while lowering your toxic load.

Learn how to enable your body to work as God intended, thereby unleashing your God-given healing!

Welcome Ginny! Congratulations on your book release.

It sounds like this message comes from the voice of experience. No one wants to hear the words “cancer diagnosis” from their doctor.  How did you respond when you heard it?

This was the book I never wanted to write. Cancer was the word I couldn’t say and the nightmare I could not wake up from. But the more I learned about what causes it and what I could do to help my doctors to beat it, I felt compelled to share with others to help them avoid this nightmare.

Two questions drove my research. First, What caused an aggressive and deadly cancer in a health nut like me? And second, after being told by three cancer centers that every weapon must be brought out to save my life including chemotherapy for one year, I wanted to know what I could do to help my doctors to beat my cancer and lesson the side effects of the chemotherapy. Chemo has four options and everyone wants option #1 where the chemo works with minimal side effects. And praise God, I got option#1. My doctors called me their “Rock Star” cancer patient when six weeks after chemo all blood work was within normal ranges! This cancer babe endured the worst of chemo, and I was able to climb mountain, walk miles daily and snow ski in between infusions.

That’s an amazing testimony! Is this book for cancer patients only?

It is written for those who desire to prevent cancer, those who are in the journey, and those who don’t want it coming back. The eight steps in my book help prevent cancer in the first place, help you get through the journey and prevent recurrence (a cancer patient’s greatest fear). The eight steps in my book also help to prevent many chronic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, etc., and any flu or virus—yes, even COVID-19! Keeping your immune system armed and ready for battle is one of the best ways to lessen your susceptibility to any flu or virus.

Though you were able to exercise while undergoing chemo, many people do not have that kind of experience. What would you suggest for someone facing that?

You may download one chapter of my book by signing up for my cancer prevention blog at  It’s the one on how I used exercise in my journey.

Ginny, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.

About the Author:

Ginny Dent Brant is a speaker and writer who grew up in the halls of power in Washington, DC. She has battled cancer, ministered around the world, and served on the front lines of American culture as a counselor, educator, wellness advocate, and adjunct professor.

Brant’s award-winning book, Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World, was endorsed by Chuck Colson and featured in many TV and media interviews. Her cancer prevention blog and website can be found at

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