Socialism dismisses faith in everything other than the government.


An abundance of “Free” government programs increased to the point the idea of “entitlement” and that enticed more and more into it, see part one. Then, the government took a position of leadership rather than securing freedom “of the people, for the people, and by the people,” to ensure their “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” see part two.

Though probably out of good intentions, the government has far over-stepped helping our neighbors, into providing too much for too many. We’ve transitioned away from an era of “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Now, we’ve grown into a nation of government programs, handouts, and regulations. Once we allow the government to rule (be the god of) over money, food, and housing, the public was easily controlled. Perhaps even manipulated.

With those two elements in place, Judeo-Christian values are the remaining obstacle for a Socialist regime to take hold in America. They strive to replace the worship of God Almighty with the worship of a leader, who will inevitably become a dictator. Unfortunately, when a leader has all power, he/she usually takes on an illusion (delusion) that they are a god. Shakespeare had it right – “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Not only do these dictators expect total obedience without question, but they demand that all other gods must be eliminated, including the one true God. Only one can sit on the throne.

Once America started “worshipping” certain powerful leaders, we neglected to worship God. We looked at the hand that fed us and called it god instead of trusting the Word of God and the laws within it. Without trusting God, no wonder we see such an ebb and flow of opinion on any variety of matters.


Politicians and political parties have developed into near cult-like organizations in recent years. The rousing speeches and promises for either more freedom or more subsidy programs draw praise from their followers. The devout in either camp tends to follow the leader that promises what they want to hear, “tickles their ears,” giving the politician or party power whether or not they fulfill their promise. Even if they don’t follow through with their promise, their followers have pledged their undying devotion.

Once the follower base is established, when their leader attacks the opposing viewpoint, the faithful join in the mud-slinging and rally behind their leader. Many don’t listen to the words or ideas they are promoting. They simply follow their leader. It worked for Hitler. He blamed the Jews for every ill imaginable in his rousing speeches and made them seem less than human. Gradually the people heard it so often, some believed it and joined his persecution (elimination) of Jews. Others realized that submission to their fuhrer (absolute leader) was the only choice for survival. With that power, Hitler ushered his unfounded hatred for a people group into his regime, and thousands died because of it.

Stalin demanded that all food be part of a “collective” to be distributed as the government (Stalin) saw fit. With that power over food, he denied “rations” to whole groups of people resulting in a famine killing millions, the Holodomor.

With the god of government holding power over the essentials of life, the people can easily be threatened, even manipulated. We see it in manufacturing restrictions (jobs), oil reserves, and food and drug requirements among many others. Again, many of these regulations are well-meaning and provide a standard of quality. However, that power is also misused for personal gain.


The Ground Kisser provides a first-hand account of when the Chinese communists (backed by Russia) promised the poor equality and delivered equal poverty for all. “Trust me. Vote it in and read it later,” has all the earmarks of that kind of absolute leadership outside the margins of “of the people, for the people, and by the people.” It has nothing to do with the freedom of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It promotes an unquestioning trust in the government and politicians within it. That sets us up for a complete Socialist rule.

As the ridicule and persecution of Christians and Christianity increase, it’s no small jump to see a recurrence of the events of the fall of Saigon, Marx, Stalin, or Hitler, except this time, in America. It’s the only remaining obstacle preventing Socialism/Communism in America. The Elijah Mandate explores how easily America could fall into the pit of Socialism/Communism. The Elijah Mandate, Part Two (expected to release in the summer of 2021) looks at what life in America might look like under that system.

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