This is part one of a series about the problems I see with Socialism. After much research and numerous interviews with people who have lived under Socialism, I offer this series as insight as to what can be expected in a Socialist society. If you have read The Elijah Mandate, you have an idea how easily America could slide into Socialism and out of freedom.


Generally, companies are in business to sell products and make a profit. Occasionally they might offer special promotions and make donations but the majority of their focus is on selling their product at a profit. So, why do they sometimes offer something for free?

BOGO—buy one, get one—is a popular sales tactic. The customer buys an item at the regular price and gets another for a reduced rate or free. The business is willing to make less profit on that one item, to lure you into the store with the hope you will purchase other products. Businesses must make a profit to operate.

Enticing customers with something free is much like the dangling worm fishermen use, with a hook hidden within it. It looks good and it’s free so we are compelled to grab it while we can. By the time we’re “hooked”, it’s too late to escape.

Unfortunately, similar enticements are used within society. Those who are power-hungry often entice their followers with free things in exchange for loyalty to them. When addressing the poor, they offer money. When addressing the hungry, they offer food. Those promises are usually proven to be empty or misleading, at best.


After North Vietnam fell into the hands of Socialism, Communism swept the country. When those in South Vietnam resisted, the country was divided. America stood with the South Vietnamese to resist the threat of Communism for a time. After America withdrew its support, the South quickly fell to Communism. Many more died at the hands of the new government than during the entire war.

When I wrote The Ground Kisser, about a family who lived in Vietnam during this time, I heard them tell of the propaganda the Communist told the resisting communities. “America is trying to invade our country. We want to bring equality for all people.”

They also used fear to try to bring the citizens into submission. If you have heard of the Khmer Rouge, and Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, you have a picture of the horrors they experienced.

Some submitted out of fatigue.

The poor submitted with the hope of living like the rich. Instead the rich had to forfeit all they had, leaving no businesses or jobs, only poverty for all. Only the governing rulers had money or the ability to make decisions.

They did fulfill one promise—to bring equality. It didn’t come as the poor had hoped. Under Communism, instead of the poor becoming rich, the rich joined the poor in poverty. Private ownership became a thing of the past. The government owned everything.

Once “hooked,” they lost all freedom and many lost their lives.


In America today, one of the problems with Socialism even in its mildest form, is that it promotes a lack of personal responsibility. Frequently, politicians promise certain programs and agendas if they are elected. Some of the more popular programs are mentioned below.

Health care coverage. If it is free, then either the medical workers are giving their services for free or another tax will be added so the government can pay them what they decide is an appropriate salary.

Housing. If it is free, then the builders, the property management, the utilities are all either unpaid, or another tax is added so the government can pay them what they decide is appropriate.

Food. If it is free, then the farmers and retailers are all either unpaid, or another tax is added so the government can pay them what they decide is appropriate.

Instead of saving for something, such as a college education, a new government program is developed that offers it for free. Either the professors are unpaid or taxes will increase so the government can pay them what they decide what is an appropriate salary.

“Entitled” is the juiciest worm on the hook that leads to poverty and enslavement to the government.

In my opinion, greed has ushered us into an “entitled” mentality. Our constitution declares we are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Being entitled to more than that is a very new idea. Prior generations lived on what they earned. Prior generations pursued higher education if they could afford it or find a scholarship. Prior generations paid for the food they could afford or planted a garden.

While I believe many of these programs were initiated to help people, America has become a greedy society with little personal responsibility. The more government takes control of what we are paid and what we are taxed, the less personal responsibility we take for our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

While Socialism promises equality, it only delivers poverty and slavery to the government. Once in place, it produces another generation with little personal responsibility.

The Problem With Socialism in America, part 2

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