RUNNING on the Edge of Glory

by Kathy M Storrie

A Christian Romance Fiction with a Supernatural Touch

(guardian angels, demons, and New Age spirit guides).


This NYC story that has a disastrous beginning, a bumpy middle, and a fantastic ending that begs for a sequel.

What is the basis of the story?

The loving Joseph family has no idea that September 13, 1993, has been foreseen inside the mind of GOD before He made the world. GOD raced forward in time at the speed of light and saw this sad day coming.

What GOD saw tore at his heart. He carefully looked over the tragedy from every angle evaluate whether He should stop the thing from happening. After much deliberation for all souls involved, He made His decision. Because it would be the only way that certain unsaved souls would be saved, He would allow the evil to happen.

GOD would also increase His good angelic back-up on Earth when and where needed as long as there were enough prayers collected coming before Him at His throne.

Before the four Josephs entered the church in Manhattan as a family for the last time, God breathed a double portion of grace upon the two survivors, especially enough grace for Joel because he was going to need it the most.

Who would enjoy this?

Young adults, adults, and senior citizens. The Y.A. will like how fast it moves, the supernatural parts and the goofiness of Joel and Alicia. The adults and seniors will like the twists, turns, suspense, variety of races, religions and surprises.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

The take-away is the constant beating hope that each of us can find a loving relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, who are anxiously waiting for us to lean toward them in the least way. Each character offers the reader a spiritual nugget.

Tell us about some of the  characters, and how we might relate to them.

The characters face life events with and without Christ. How they respond, what they learn, and who intervenes, all give hope and direction to the reader.

Joel Joseph was raised by Godly parents who left this world before he grew up. His poster boy bad luck will continue until he surrenders to the God of the ages who loves him so very much. While running from God, he encounters BTK thugs, bullets, and his condemning thoughts in the cement jungle of NYC.

 Noelle Joseph is Joel’s a prayer warrior twin sister, who ended up with the great Christian foster parents after their grandparents were killed in a car crash. Poor Joel got the foster parents from hell and hit the streets. Her prayers throughout the story impact the obstacles Joel Joel faces.

Roscoe McMillan is a former minister who becomes homeless after he loses his son, church, wife and his home. God uses this wonderful, humble man to pastor other homeless men in Central Park. He befriends 17-year-old Joel because he knows the boy needs a father and poor ole Roscoe desperately needs son.

Jasper McMillan is the son of Roscoe who went to prison for committing murder for drug money. Roscoe’s wife blamed him for spending too much time helping the church people and ignoring their son. But, Jasper was raised the right way, but he got involved with the wrong crowd. Because of prison, he soon repents and has a miraculous, born-again experience. But, when Jasper gets released from prison fifteen years early on good behavior, Roscoe cannot tell Joel where Jasper is living because angry Joel wants to kill him. Watch for a thrilling miracle in the church balcony.

Sister Margaret Jean and her nuns find Joel dying in an alley with stab wounds and a lethal head wound and offer prayers on his behalf. He survives surgery but has temporary amnesia.

Alicia Sun Moon is a rich, strong Christian NYC ballet dancer who is totally in love with Joel Joseph but she won’t marry an unbeliever. She chooses to obey God’s Word and not be unequally yoked.

Courtney Hope is a full-fledge New Age first grade teacher who is after Joel Joseph’s body and his soul.

Henry long-Jaw Hope is Courtney’s nasty twin brother who lives off wealthy women. He pretends he’s a Christian, proposes to Alicia Sun Moon and she accepts.

Paul Rogers is the white-haired, kind looking doorman at the Mayflower Tower. Nobody suspects he and Henry long-Jaw Hope are long-time friends who met working for Greyhound years ago.



New York City 1997


JOEL JOSEPH DUCKED into an alley to hide behind a dumpster. He hoped the loser thugs had lost his trail. The only thing these punks provided for him was the daily adrenalin rush of feeling alive. When he took another deep breath, the rotten fish made him gag. He almost ran out, but the scuffling noises from inside the alley stopped him.

Oh, no! They already found me!

Fay Er Tou Hue.  Moth Flies into Fire!

His late grandfather’s Chinese words ran freely in the subway terminal of his mind. Joel couldn’t help he was attracted to trouble like a moth is to fire. Or was trouble attracted to him?

Joel was about to leave, but he heard a faint cry and slipped back behind the dumpster. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, the cry became louder. Twenty feet away was the Born to Kill thug with his signature ponytail. He held a knife in the air while he straddled somebody on the ground.

Probably just another gang member. I’ll just let them rumble and kill each other.

But when a woman screamed, Joel shot down the alley like a demon out of hell. The impact of his perfected butterfly kick sent the brute flying into a brick wall. It knocked him out and he fell.

“Are you okay, miss?” Joel asked as he offered the young woman his hand.

“Yes, I think I am,” she said, not sure if it was safe to take the hand of a stranger. “Are you Bruce Lee back from the dead?”

Joel smiled as he helped her to her feet. “No, I’m not him. I just look like him.” Never tiring of people thinking he’s Bruce Lee, he smiled and gave her a wink.

The young girl kept staring at him in a daze. When Joel realized the thug was waking up, he yelled at the girl, “RUN!

Before Joel could punch a hard sidekick, the thug grabbed him from behind with a strong choke hold. He said, “You no good half-breed, White Devil! I kill you myself this night!”

Joel jabbed his sharp elbows in to the thug’s stomach. When he threw the short thug over his head, Joel blacked out.



It was a balmy autumn weekend and festive Chinese lanterns swung in the evening breeze along Bowery Street, near Chatham Square. Clusters of people were celebrating the weekend by going to Chinese bistros. They had no idea a teenage boy lay fighting for his life in the partial, dark alley.

The noisy people passing woke the dazed teen. Joel’s eyes fluttered open to a double row of single row lanterns, but nobody heard him call for help. Another shot of fire obliterated his stomach and he passed out again. When he came to, something wet and sticky was pooling beneath his body.

Intuition reminded him to stay awake. He forced himself to stare straight up at the rectangular, grey sky. The looming dark buildings all around seemed to form the walls of his open grave.

An intense light filled the alley and removed every minuscule of darkness. Every rat, cat, and cockroach scurried for cover. The heat from a bright light stirred Joel. He tried to open his eyes, but the light hurt too much. All he could see were the red capillaries glowing inside his pink eyelids. The stubborn light wouldn’t go away. He forced his eyes open and a bright, white being stood at Joel’s feet like a giant tombstone. The man-like creature’s thick arms stretched above him causing warmth to penetrate his frigid body.

Joel wanted to raise his head to better see the alien creature, but he was too weak. No sooner he thought that he felt something…

About the Author

Kathryn Marie Wilcox Storrie was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the oldest of four children. After earning a BS degree at University of the Cumberlands, she taught fourth grade, then graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and found a great husband. They married and escaped the church on a trolley car chased by 3 cars.

With help, they bused over one hundred deaf and blind children to Ancient City Baptist Church in St. Augustine, Florida for seven years to teach them about Jesus.

She found her passion when she wrote and published her first novel in 2010 about her Appalachian grandparents.

She loves telling Maxine jokes with my Billy Bob teeth, staying up & sleeping late, watching Hallmark romance for inspiration, Idol, America’s Got Talent, YouTubes on the Bible & End-times. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck, cleaning house, and eating her own cooking. Praying for her book to reach one reader at a time for His Grace & Glory! Amen!

How to connect with Kathy

Website –

Twitter – @KathyMStorrie

Facebook – kathystorriewriter/


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