“Thus you shall say to Joseph,

“Please forgive, I beg you,

the transgression of your brothers and their sin,

for they did you wrong.”’

And now, please forgive the transgression

of the servants of the God of your father.”

And Joseph wept when they spoke to him.”

Genesis 50:17

Most gracious Father,

Forgiveness. I do not deserve it. I am a sinner and deserve hell. Yet, You not only offered forgiveness to me, You also paid the enormous price for my redemption from slavery to sin! You sent my ransom before I even knew You!

Oh, what love You have shown me!

Thank You for including the very human account of Jacob (Israel) and his sons in Your Word. Just before he died, Jacob instructed his sons to ask Joseph to forgive them for their sin against him. After Jacob died, the brothers did as they were told, and in response Joseph wept. He didn’t tell them it was too late, he didn’t recount every detail of their wrong, he wept.

Joseph had been generous in providing for them before any contrition on their part, but now their father was dead, and his brothers were afraid Joseph would no longer show them kindness. As they finally acknowledged their sin, Joseph wept. He could see their fear, and knew their failures and simply wept.

Nothing could change the past, but Joseph saw through the eyes of his godly heart that You were with him through it all, and that You used those things that were so painful to him for something wonderful for so many. He forgave them long ago, and now simply wept at their acknowledgement of their sin.

Father, help me see through those godly eyes today.

Help me to forgive without reservation and

to do good to those who “owe me” an apology before they ask.

Thank You for loving me before I even knew You, and for such costly forgiveness You provided before I asked.

In Jesus’ name,





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