“If you are reviled

for the name of Christ,

you are blessed,

because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.”

1 Peter 4:14

Dear Father in Heaven,

What a precious blessing! Because I bear Your name, I can expect to be reviled in the world as You were reviled while in the world in flesh as Jesus. What a blessing to in some small measure join in Your path on earth!

The Spirit rested on You as You walked in submission and obedience. Let my life reflect that submission and obedience even when it causes me to be reviled, ridiculed, or physically harmed. I have confidence is knowing that Your same Spirit rests on me too.

  • You have called me Your own!
  • You have given me a place in Your kingdom for eternity!
  • You have removed my heart of disobedience, and replaced it with a heart that will submit to Your will.

I give You thanks today for the blessing of persecution,

in order that You may shine through me!

May those around me see Your Spirit of glory in me today!

I pray in the name of Jesus, my example,




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