Marathon runners tell me that they begin with an ultimate goal, then set small goals to reach their final goal of finishing a long distance marathon. Each small goal involves training and growing in strength and endurance until they are eventually equipped to run the distance.

One day, one step at a time, you and I walked through the past year. Events, planned or unexpected, changed our lives in one way or another. A health event, a family event, a job change, a gain or loss, each directed our steps for a period of time. Some of my days felt like I took three steps backward for every step forward. Some days I encountered so many obstacles I couldn’t move at all. Other days of great joy flew by so quickly I wonder where the time went. Maybe your year included those things too.

As I usually do, at this start of a new year, I took down my old calendar with all those reminders of things good and bad, and started with a fresh new calendar. I added birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments to the new calendar help me remember these important dates. Then, I set aside my old calendar from last year, to start with fresh goals and objectives for this new year.

Perhaps Paul said it best, that rather than dwell on what is behind us, or what happens around us, we can choose to focus on what God has called us to do next. So, as you and I set aside our old calendars and replace them with new ones, my prayer is

that we renew our focus on what God wants us to accomplish.

I pray while we still walk this earth we will glorify Him in every step we make,

whether we endure pain and hardship,

or revel in great joy.

I pray nothing will distract us from pleasing Him

every moment of every day.

I pray our spirits always lean into Him

to follow the path He has set before us,

regardless of what happens on the sidelines.

I pray our single focus,

our “one thing I do

each moment of all our remaining days,

is to obey Him,

please Him, and

honor Him,

until we cross the final goal line.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name,




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