Love One Another

“This is His commandment,

that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ,

and love one another,

just as He commanded us.”

1 John 3:23

Father in Heaven,

I acknowledge that You are God Almighty, that Jesus is the Christ, the one and only Son of God – God in flesh.

I believe that He was the perfect sacrifice for my sins and the sins of the world. He gave Himself to be crucified, He died, He raised from the dead victorious over the grave and sin.

I place my trust and my life in Your hands.

In obedience to You, and as a result of my life being in Your hands, I am commanded and compelled to love others. I am a part of a family, a body of faith in You, with Jesus at the head. A body of many members will have different functions, ideas, talents and abilities.

I regret that I have not always responded in obedience and in love, and ask Your forgiveness. With Your help today, no matter the circumstance that comes to me I want to respond with faith in You and in love.

Father, guide my heart and my actions today, may they both reflect my trust in You and Your love.

I pray in Jesus’ name,



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