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Know That I AM God


This is a 10-week topical study based on Isaiah 43:10.  We are God’s witnesses, so that we may know Him personally, believe Him unconditionally, and understand His heart .

The study is suitable for men or women and comes with a video series. Each lesson is between 15—20 minutes in length.




My Witnesses

“You are my witnesses,’ declares the LORD, ‘My servant whom I have chosen that you may

know and believe me, and understand that I am he” (Isaiah 43:10, NIV).

The endless desire of God’s heart is that each of us know Him intimately, understand Him

emotionally, and believe Him unconditionally. This is the will of God, and it has been the

relentless pursuit of many who have sought to know Him. The Bible, both Old and New

Testament, are filled with personal testimonies of those who knew God. Moses, David, Isaiah,

John and Matthew, Paul and Peter—all penned firsthand accounts through the inspiration and

empowerment of the Holy Spirit (see 2 Peter 1:20-21), recording the experiences of the One they

came to know and recognize as their Father; their Bridegroom; their Shepherd; their Healer; their

Redeemer; their Friend; their King, and their God. Like these men, and many others, we, too, are

to be witnesses of God so that we may know Him personally, believe Him with absolute resolve,

and understand His heart.

Let’s begin with a prayer to the One we desire to know, and then read Acts 1:1-9 and

answer the following.

What did Jesus call His apostles in verse 8?


The apostles witnessed many things when Jesus was with them. What did they

witness from these verses alone? Be specific.



As witnesses, what were they to do?


A witness, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is “testimony; one who, or that which, furnishes

evidence or proof; one who has seen or has knowledge of incident; …to be witness of or to; to

give evidence; to testify”1

A witness is someone who has seen, heard and experienced for

themselves. A witness is not someone who reads an article in the newspaper and then takes the

witness stand to give evidence on behalf of a case or person. That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t

it? Yet, this is exactly what we do when we only read our Bibles void of the relationship, and

then say, “We know God.”

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The Bible is full of wonderful, firsthand accounts of the glory, majesty, strength, and love

of God, but unless we experience these things for ourselves, the Bible can simply be words on a

page. We can learn incredible truths about God’s character in studying the testimonies of those

who have witnessed, and then lived to tell about it. But, reading and studying is only part of the

equation. The apostles saw, heard, and, as in the witness of John—touched God.

Read 1 John 1:1-3:

How do these verses give us testimony of firsthand accounts?



What was the reason for John’s proclamation? What was he hoping the reader

would gain?



Who had John and the other disciples witnessed? Who was their fellowship with?


John testified to what he and the other disciples witnessed. He shared their experiences so

that, we, too, may come to know for ourselves the richness of fellowship with God.


About the Author

Patty Mason is a proclaimer of God’s truth and the founder of . She is a graduate of Christian Communicators Advanced, and has reached audiences all over the world through Christian TV,, Salem Communication’s Light Source, WLGT Blog Radio Live, and as the host of Joyful Living Radio.

She has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, such as, Bridges, KRVR The River, Moody Radio, 94.7 WFIA “Just Ask Joyce,” and CBN 700 Club.

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