Love Without Grudge

‘You shall not take vengeance,

nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but

you shall love your neighbor as yourself;

I am the LORD.”

Leviticus 19:18

Dear God, LORD of all,

Thank You for being the righteous judge who sees all and will provide retribution. However, when I am wronged, especially by a fellow Christian, I am tempted to bear a grudge and think of some sort of vengeance. You tell me that those grudges are contrary to my ability to love them.

So today I confess that area of my sinful heart and ask You to fill it instead with love.

As I repent of that, I ask Your forgiveness.

I long for You alone to fill my heart, and ask You to reveal to me all things that may remain hidden in my heart that is contrary to Your will for me and hinders my ability to love. Forgive my arrogance in taking Your place, because vengeance is Yours alone, not mine.

Thank You for lifting that heavy burden of a grudge. I know You see all, and will provide retribution according to Your righteousness.

In Jesus’ most holy name I pray,




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