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“Heirloom: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith”

by Kathy Howard

Welcome, Kathy. This is a lovely book cover. What is Heirloom about?

It’s a devotional with the theme of leaving a spiritual legacy. Heirloom shares 52 inspiring stories of faith and practical tips to encourage parents and grandparents to be purposeful in building a spiritual legacy by telling stories of the past that will impact our faith today.

What prompted you to put this together?

While cleaning out my parents’ home of fifty-plus years, I discovered a century-old letter written by my great-great-grandmother to my great-grandfather. In the letter, she wrote a prayer for her son and granddaughter for spiritual health and growth. Her spiritually focused prayer challenged me to evaluate not only the way I pray for my family, but also in general, how my faith impacts them. I realized I need to be more intentional about building a legacy of faith to leave behind.

What a treasure! So, how do we parents and grandparents build such a legacy?

These 52 heart-felt reflections reveal the seeds of our faith―seeds that sprouted and took root, growing through the centuries to today. Heirloom weaves these stories of faith and family history with Scripture, beautiful artwork, and ancestry research tips and techniques. Through these stories of persevering faith you’ll discover the potential your story has to impact future generations.

Here’s a sample of the interior pages. 

What was the most fun part of writing this?

Heirloom includes faith stories from well-known Christians in history, the Bible, and from the history of everyday families. I looked for these everyday stories everywhere. I put out a request on social media, through my blog, in my newsletter, friends, extended family, and word-of-mouth. The stories that came in were fascinating. I loved the history and the commitment of those who were determined to follow Christ no matter the cost. The most exciting part was hearing about how the faith of these ancestors still impact their descendants today.

I can see how that would be exciting and encouraging. This is a beautiful book. It has the feel of a treasured scrapbook. What do you want your readers to take away from reading Heirloom?

I want readers to be inspired by the stories of faith, to grasp the far-reaching potential of their own faith influence. And I want them to be challenged to be more intentional about that influence and what they are building to leave their children and grandchildren.

About the author

Kathy Howard is a treasure hunter. She hunts for the creamiest chocolate, richest coffee, and cherished stories of faith. She also digs deep into Scripture, mining God’s eternal truths. Kathy has a Masters in Christian Education and has taught the Bible for more than 30 years in a wide variety of venues.

Kathy is the author of 11 books, including “Heirloom: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith” and the “meaty” devotional series “Deep Rooted.” Kathy and her husband live in north Texas. They have three married children, six grandchildren, and two accidental dogs. Find free discipleship resources at

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Thank you, Kathy, for sharing this lovely book. I am honored to have a small story included and thrilled to have a copy.

If you’d like to be entered in a drawing for a free copy, comment on the blog, including your email address. A winner will be chosen December 1 and notified by email.

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