God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul

by Chris Manion




Why did you write this Christian memoir?

To help others live in the light by telling the story of how I became Jesus’ friend.

Who do you believe would most enjoy this book?

Teens and adults, those with a spiritual hunger; people who want success AND a deeper spiritual life; those who long to hear God’s voice; Christian leaders; doubters; those who struggle with prayer, those who can’t find God.


Pride has so many useful applications—in our work, heritage, family, and accomplishments—that I failed to see its dark side for many years. I saw it listed among the seven deadly sins once, but dismissed it from having any application to me.

I didn’t go to confession often because, quite frankly, I couldn’t think of any sins I’d committed that were serious enough to confess. When I finally confessed pride as one that had been keeping me from the sacrament, I received my first compliment during confession.

“Now that was a good confession,” the priest said.

During my retreat with Sister Pascaline, I found myself drawing a busy bumble bee in my journal. I don’t usually draw things. This new image appeared in my mind. “Too fast,” I wrote in my notes. Too fast through my days, my career, my driving, and often my time with my family. I took pride in my multi-tasking efficiency, rationalized my type-A tendencies, and found satisfaction and fulfillment in all I had achieved. Rarely did I rest to appreciate and enjoy the accomplishments. The day-to-day energies to maintain such a pace did not allow much room or time for the deeper and holier living to which God called me.

God doesn’t want our deeds;

God wants the love that prompts them.

—St. Teresa of Avila

Like the bee, my “words sometimes sting when I speak to others,” my journal reminded me. Even though I’d eliminated sarcasm from my speech, and swear words once our babies were born, I had a command of the language and a direct style of communicating that had a bite. It came from places in my heart I still protected childishly, where hurt and pain had not healed. Perhaps I was more like Martha of the Gospels than I knew. Even today, God’s grace continues to make me aware of when I’ve spoken or acted thoughtlessly, thinking only of myself.

About the Author

A perennial student of feeding the soul, Chris Manion focuses on simple, everyday events as spiritual lessons that reveal God’s desire for a relationship with us.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the oldest of six, Chris is an award-winning author and catechist. She retired as a top-tier National Executive from the direct sales industry to write and inspire others through speaking and Facebook Live devotions. She met her husband of forty plus years at the University of Dayton from which she graduated in three years with honors. They have two adult children and four grandchildren. She loves music and photographing the beauty of Florida’s emerald coast where she lives.

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