Word of God


Dear Father in heaven,

Thank You for the precious treasure of Your Word!

By Your Word

The entirety of the universe came into being.

In Your Word,

You teach me of Your righteousness and my need for it.

Through Your Word,

You show me the path to You and light it for me.

With Your Word as my standard,

my way will be straight and I will not wander astray.

When Your Word becomes my meditation,

Your kingdom stays in the forefront of my mind.


I pray that today I will keep It close to my heart and mind, that I might not sin against You, and that I will be able to share It’s truth with another.

I pray that Your Word will always be treasured within me.

I pray that You might give me opportunity today to share that treasure with one who needs to become acquainted with It.

I pray these things in the precious name of Jesus, the Word in flesh,




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