Power of the Word of God

“Those on the rocky soil are those who,

when they hear, receive the word with joy;

and these have no firm root;

they believe for a while,

and in time of temptation fall away.

Luke 8:13


putting aside all filthiness

and all that remains of wickedness,

in humility receive the word implanted,

which is able to save your souls.”

James 1:21

Dear Father,

By Your Word the earth and universe around it came into being. In Your Word is life and the light of men. This light shining in the darkness became flesh and dwelt among us. This Word from You is our salvation.

Father, I seek today to have this firmly implanted within me. I seek to have You and Your Word deeply rooted in my heart and life.

I need You to soften my heart that Your Word will grow firmly within me.

I need Your Word to point out and purge my fleshly desires and sinful nature that struggle against the truth of Your Word.

I need Your Word for fearless faith to encourage another who might have a heart of rocky soil.

I need Your Word for wisdom to water and tend to their tender faith at the proper time.

I need Your Word for courage to guide them where to prune away any wickedness remaining within them, that seeds of doubt will not have room to grow.

I need Your Word for patience to hold them steady during the storms until they have matured and are growing strongly in the word.

Give my branches the strength to stretch out and shelter one who may be weak.

I pray in Jesus’ name,



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