February 11


“Now if we put the bits into the horses’ mouths

so that  they will obey us,

we direct their entire body as well.”

James 3:3

Dear Father in Heaven,

It is true that this small part of my body can cause such damage to myself and to others. It is guilty of boasting, lies, and casting hurtful words.

Father, I long for my tongue to be under Your complete control.

As a bit in the hands of a horseman will lead a horse,

I give You my mouth to be obedient to Your design.

I give it to You to utter praise and blessing to You.

How unfitting it would be for me

to both worship You and

cast insults to another

with the same tongue.

May my words

  • be always acceptable to You,
  • give honor to You and
  • reflect a heart given fully to You.

A spring cannot bring forth both fresh and bitter water. May my submission to You and obedience to You today and in my remaining days reflect Your Holy Spirit living in me in my words and actions.


In Jesus’ name I pray,




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