Dear Father,

Sticks and stones and words hurled because I carry Your name bring pain now, but blessing to come. Thank You for pointing out the blessing, the joy, and the reward from this type of persecution!

This heavenly perspective gives me great comfort and

even cause for rejoicing when I suffer at the hands of my enemies!

The prophets through the ages experienced persecution and You gave them the ability to endure and persevere through it. Thank You for giving me exactly what I need today, and the promise of great reward in heaven in the future.

I pray that those who seek to do harm to Your kingdom workers

will experience softened hearts and they will turn to You.

I pray that You will give me perseverance and wisdom

to give a correct answer to their taunts.

I pray You will be glorified

when I properly respond with Your love instead of returning insult for insult.


Father, Jesus was my perfect example of suffering unjust persecution. I look to His example and pray in His name,




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