We’re not the first to be tempted to ignore what God has said. That’s the ploy our enemy used in the garden, and he still uses it today–question what God has said.

When God told His people to take the land He had promised to give them, He also commanded them to utterly destroy the ungodly inhabitants. He specifically instructed them to not make covenants with them or intermarry with these non-believers because they would turn their sons (the next generation) away from following God. Deuteronomy 7 The land was theirs, but they had a responsibility to keep it, themselves, and future generations holy, pure, and free from evil.

You may remember that the Hebrews did not fully follow that directive. They drove out some but allowed others to live in the land. Maybe it seemed easier to live in peace rather than clean house, as God had directed them to do. Perhaps they overlooked their differences to avoid conflict thinking they could somehow maintain their holiness while living among the pagan.

As they coexisted alongside these ungodly people, they gradually took on some of their evil customs, incorporating them to their worship and daily habits. Enticed by pagan rituals, they ignored the warnings from God. The more evil they tolerated, the easier it was to not see the importance of the command from God.

Their current day descendants in the middle-east (the Arabs who the early Hebrews decided to co-exist with rather than follow God’s directive) continue to persecute Christians and Jews because there is no peaceful coexistence between God and evil.

It’s pretty easy to see the same downfall in recent generations in America. We turned our back on the evil that wanted to overtake Vietnam because the war was hard. When America left, the evil flourished and consumed the South Vietnamese people (far more than died during the war).

Now, it is happening in Afghanistan. Evil has lurked there at every corner for many years. American presence has held them at bay. But war is hard. With America withdrawing, the evil has shown its face again. Like weeds in a garden, when evil is left unrestrained it flourishes.

However, the underground Christian church in Afghanistan is growing, even while facing eminent death. Some report that Afghans are finding hope in Christianity and joining the faith even though martyrdom is certain. Still, they continue sharing what we all need to hear–the truth–the Word of God.

Like the Hebrews, America turned away from teaching our children about the Bible, and godly ways, so we wouldn’t offend those who didn’t believe. When we gave a generation the power to decide what was right and wrong based on their feelings, they were left without a moral compass–a generation deprived of truth and wisdom from the Word of God. As described in the first chapter of Romans, they did not see fit to acknowledge God and are left with a depraved mind, filled with unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice … arrogant, boastful … unfeeling, and unmerciful. An accurate description of any group of people without God.

We have failed to teach the Bible which is the only way to identify evil as evil. We have tolerated the ungodly in our speech, our homes, our entertainment, our lives. Without resistance, evil has taken hold and flourished. Because ungodly behavior has become so commonplace, we shrug it off, look the other way, and continue our lives, hoping to coexist in the name of tolerance.

God warned us that left unrestricted, evil will continue to take hold and expand. The dangers of ignoring and compromising the Word of God remains deadly for us, our families, this nation, and the world.

What do we do now that America is so immersed in and blinded by sin?

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes,
to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written:

I pray we will become a generation that renews our study of and belief in His Word. He has proven He and His Word are worthy of our trust. I pray we remain strong to fight the battles to make it known to everyone. With every evil we tolerate, we are following the same dangerous path as the Hebrew children–surrounded by evil and being enticed into it. Our only hope is in God and His Word.

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