Speak words of righteousness

“Let my tongue sing of Your word,

For all Your commandments

are righteousness.”

Psalm 119:172


Dearest Father,

Your Word is filled with instruction and wisdom. Your Word is holy and righteous and given that I will know You and walk in Your ways. When I consider my words, I find frivolous and hurtful words. Please forgive me.

When I call myself a “Christian”

I should be following Your example in all I do.

I should be so filled with You

that only You comes out of me!  

Today I commit to carefully consider my words

that they will be as Yours!

  • Filled with truth – from Your Word
  • Filled with wisdom – from Your Word
  • Filled with encouragement – from Your Word
  • Filled with You.

Almighty God, I pray that I would direct

all my thoughts,

all my desires,

all my actions

to be according to Your righteous Word.

In Jesus’ name,





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