Temptation of Wealth

“For we have brought nothing into the world,

so we cannot take anything out of it either.

If we have food and covering,

with these we shall be content.

But those who want to get rich

fall into temptation and

a snare and

many foolish and harmful desires

which plunge men into ruin and


1 Timothy 6:7-9


This is the season when we all tend to think of things we want, or even need with the hope that we might receive them for Christmas. It has been noted that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, by giving thanks to You for our sustenance and even abundance during the year, then immediately begin the Christmas gift buying frenzy the next day.

Thankful for what we have, yet we continue to want more.

You have taught us to be content if we have both food and covering rather than wanting to be (or seem) rich. When we see others who have something different and better, it is tempting to desire more things rather than desiring more You. Forgive us. Forgive me.

I realize You are the giver of every good and perfect gift.

  • Thank You for giving me life.
  • Thank You for giving me today.
  • I pledge to use my life today to honor You.
  • I pledge to honor You today, by focusing on Your goodness.
  • I pledge to praise Your goodness today rather than anything “good” here on earth.
  • I pledge my remaining days to seeking You and praising You above all else!

In Jesus’ name I pray,





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