Let your actions speak love

“Little children,

let us not love with word or with tongue,

but in deed and truth.”

1 John 3:18



Your love for me was proclaimed throughout Your Word. Everything You have created, and done has been with a love that is unsurpassed.  You have supplied all my needs with Creation and with Jesus, a propitiation for my sins.

Creation allows me to have life on Earth,

Jesus gives me life for eternity with You.

You spoke of Your love for me and demonstrated it. I pray my love will be like that. I confess that it is easier to speak words of love than to show it. I confess that at times I have shown acts of kindness with ulterior motives. Please forgive me.

Father, I pray that You will make me mindful of ways I can love with a pure heart today, regardless of whether that love or even a kindness will be returned. Give me someone today to love who needs to see You. I pray You will use me to show that true love that comes only from You.


I pray these things in the name of Jesus, Who did not hold back anything to show His love for me,





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