I want to introduce as many people as possible to their next Bible study or  book with a strong Christian theme.

I will

  • remind you when your book feature post will run.
  • share on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MeWe … to all my contacts. Please do the same and encourage your readers to engage. 
  • use Amazon affiliate links and receive a small commission when someone purchases through my link.
  • repeat posts, if you let me know when you need a boost
  • feature new books you release in a separate post, with links to your previous books, after three months of any previous post.

If you would like to include your book(s) please send me the following information in Word (no PDFs) with .jpg picture files (if needed I can pull from Amazon);

  1. Title and subject matter
  2. Type of study or genre of fiction book – (ex; expository, journaling, topical, particular book of the Bible, or fiction, Amish, memoir)
  3. Brief overview or blurb.
  4. Sample page or two (my readers love to have free samples!)
  5. Links to purchase your book, your website, and follow you on social media
  6. Picture of book cover (jpg)
  7. Author bio and head shot (jpg)

Choose up to three questions below and answer them for the “interview” part.

  1. What prompted you to write this?
  2. What do you want your readers to take away?
  3. Tell us about some of the characters.
  4. Which character did you enjoy writing about?
  5. Describe the readers (age range or life experience) who would enjoy/benefit from this book.
  6. Has your writing been compared to any particular writer the reader might recognize?
  7. What was the most difficult thing about writing this?
  8. What was the most fun thing about writing this?
  9. Did you learn anything profound while writing this?
  10. If you want to offer a give-away, please note that in your submission. I will choose a comment after one week of the post, and give you the information. Because you are giving a free sample, I do not require a give-away, but if you want to, I will be happy to offer that extra blessing to my readers.

Email the information to me at LisaWSmith57@gmail.com