The Furnace of Affliction

How God

Uses Our Pain and Suffering

for His Purpose

by Horace Williams, Jr.



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Welcome, Horace Williams, Jr., and congratulations on your book!

The Furnace of Affliction sounds like a tough place to be. What is the significance of that title? 

The Furnace of Affliction does not sound or feel like a place anyone wants to be. But here is what I have learned after being in similar situations. God has chosen you to be an essential part of His family. In the fiery trials you are facing, He is there refining, restoring, and renewing you for a unique purpose.

Sounds like you have been in this furnace. What prompted you to write this book?

Because numerous individuals who read my first book on how to Unleash the Power of Prayer in 2016, reached out to me via email or a message. I began to realize there were so many that are hurting, even before a pandemic.

I wanted to use my story and history with physical, emotional,  and spiritual pain to encourage those who read and give them hope.

What have your readers thought about the book?

This book has spoken to people in various ways I had not thought of when writing. There has been a tremendous response from mothers who have a wayward child, and they are praying for daily.  They tell me my story gives them great hope. People who have been hurt emotionally, relate to the pain I experienced from a broken-off engagement. I believe people enjoy this book because I hold nothing back. Not only do I share some of the most painful and humiliating stories in my life, I also share a funny one or two. My readers love my stories because they are relevant, and they can relate. It hits all the notes, I received an endorsement from a young successful millennial woman. and from men and women in their sixties and seventies. Everyone can relate to pain.

“If you have ever questioned God’s love for you when you are suffering, this story will encourage and challenge you. Horace shares the struggles he has faced and how God uses and redeems our pain.”

Sheila Walsh, co-host of Life Today and author of Praying Women

“The Furnace of Affliction will help many people asking God “Why?” in their struggles and are having trouble finding hope. This book is absolutely going to help many people connect to their great big God, who is bigger and greater, in the midst of their struggles in pain. Real stories, practical advice, and spiritual truth are all blended in a way that you won’t be able to put it down!”

“In times of suffering, we don’t need to hear clichés; we need to hear the truth. Through the lessons he’s learned through difficult times, Horace is able to draw from God’s Word and use the truth of scripture to speak into your pain and bring encouragement and hope. The Furnace of Affliction: How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose is a must for anyone who’s ever experienced suffering and asked themselves, “Where are you, God?” This book will minister to your soul.” -Crystal V Hall, Communications Director, Calvary Fellowship

“Horace gives the hurting and suffering soul hope, as he is transparent with his own suffering and weaknesses. This book is smothered with the warm delicious gravy of Scripture, in order to take the reader to the blanket of comfort only God Almighty can give. This is a GREAT READ of GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY reaching us in our pain.

 “Set against the bleak backdrop of 2020, this new book from Horace Williams is like a great lighthouse sitting high on the rocky shores. Combining his own tragic life story, biblical principles, and practical truths, the author, inspires hope and courage. I highly recommend this book, believing every reader will be deeply moved and encouraged by what they read.” 

 –Melanie Redd, Author of Live in Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls


Is this book intended for a female audience only? 

 Who this book is for: Eighty-five percent of my audience is women. So, initially, I wrote it for them because women seem more willing to admit they are hurting more than men. However, men seem to have embraced this book as well! In fact, two of the first endorsements were from local pastors. I believe it is probably because it overflows with scripture. According to my editor, there are over 100 scripture references in this book.

 About the Author

Horace Williams Jr. is a born-again Christian who loves Jesus Christ, a stroke survivor, and an award-winning author. He has seen the power of prayer and God’s healing in his own life as he continues to recover from a massive stroke that paralyzed his left side in the Summer of 2010. He recommitted his life to Christ on September 9, 2012. He writes to inspire, encourage, and remind readers of God’s transforming power and love.


Have you ever asked where God is or what is He doing in your life? 

Do your trials and suffering feel like they are never-ending?

Are you in need of some hope to keep moving forward? 


with Horace Williams, Jr.

at his website

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